Welcoming of the Pilgrims

ELSALVADOR2The Cathedral of Oviedo is a milestone for pilgrims

You are all welcome, including those of you who have come from the most distant places to this Cathedral of the Holy Savior of Oviedo. This is the house of God, the Lord is here and embraces you with open arms to listen and speak with you. That is why those of you who start the Camino de Santiago in this cathedral following the footsteps of the first pilgrim, King Alfonso II, or if you are finishing your pilgrimage here, you make real the popular refrain: “he who goes to Santiago and not to the Cathedral of the Holy Savior, visits the servant but not his master.” We invite you to recite the following prayer before this image of the cathedral:

Lord Jesus, our savior:

    The way, Truth and Life.
Show your face
to us. We wish to admire your glory
as the living Son of God.
Pilgrims along the paths of life
be our companion and explain the Structures to us,
so they may be the source of our solace.
Let us recognize you through “breaking the bread”
in which we find
the strength we need
to live in brotherly love;
enraptured in your light, we shall be witnesses of the Gospel.


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