Sacrament of the Reconciliation

  “I believe in pardoning sins” (Art. 10 of the Creed). Our Christian faith connects pardoning the sins to the faith in the Holy Spirit, by this the Pope Francis reminds us that “the protagonist in the ministry of the reconciliation is the Holy Spirit.” It is the first gift of the Resuscitated Christ to the church in the person of the Apostles:

“Receive the Holy Spirit, if you forgive the sins of any, theyare forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained” (John 22, 23).

The priests, aware of this grace of the Holy Spirit, we must provide this service with joy, diligence and generosity. In addition, the confessor must welcome “the penitents not with the attitude of a judge nor with the attitude of a simple friend, but with the charity of God, with the love of a father who returns to his son and his meeting” (Pope Francis).

The sacrament of forgiving, and therefore, is the sacrament of joy.

That is why, at the Cathedral, we consider that this service to the faithful in Confession is of great importance and we have long opening hours. In addition, the Cathedral priests, at any time you ask us, will gladly come meet with you.

Hours of Penitence:

Monday – Saturday:

9:15 h. – 10:15 h. (Penitence)
10:30 h. – 11:30 h. (Office hours)
11:00 h. – 12:00 h. (Chapel of the Chaste King)

Saturdays and Eves of Holidays:

16:30 h. – 18:15 h. (Penitence)

Sundays and Holidays:

10:00 h. – 11:00 h. (Penitence)
11:00 h. – 13:30 h. and 18:00 h. – 19:00 h. (In the Nave)

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