The gothic tower: the apex of heaven.

The construction of the Cathedral began in the Chapter House, a space that opens for cloister, and it finished in the tower, «Romantic poem in stone», in 15887, in the early Renaissance. It is the work of Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón upon the plans of Juan de Badajoz. Cristobel Rojas and Sandoval was the Bishop of Oviedo at that time.

It is composed of five bodies that rise up with a continuing setback (that consists in tucking the front wall into the floor or upper levels of a building) of the five bodies that compromise it.

Contemplating this tower, which gives a unique personality to the Cathedral of Oviedo, it gives the impression of seeing a type of finger that invites you to look towards the heavens. The tower is that high place from which the sentinel can see, before anyone else, who is approaching.

In Christian tradition it is a symbol of «watchtower», from which you watch, and «stairway» through which one ascends; moreover, in said tradition, the Virgin Mary is called «tower» in the Laureto Litany of the Rosary. Virgin and Church are associated in such a way that she is said to be the «image and figure of the Church» and that, in midst of the human community, she is awaiting  the Last Coming of Christ at the end of time to establish his Kingdom.

Similarly, due to its ascending character, the tower reminds us of Jacob’s biblical dream in which the Holy Patriarch saw «how a stairway linked heaven to earth and through which the Angels of God ascended and descended», that is: «God comes into communication with men and, for this, men does not hesitate to go to him». The tower of the Cathedral of Oviedo evokes, due to its invitation to look towards the heavens, the «place» from which God listens and forgives.

The gothic symbol could be ”Master Jesus who teaches”. The gothic art, in the era of theological sumas, is an intellectual art. The decoration of the Cathedral gives a doctrinal teaching through iconography. The sculpture presents the Old Covenant (the prophets and the Kings of the Old Testament) and the New Covenant (Jesus, the apostles and the Saints, with a prominent place for the Virgin).

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